Mindfulness – what is it about?


Mindfulness is the new big thing in positive psychology (well relatively new). It’s hard to understand the concept, you might be thinking ‘huh, we think everyday.. so aren’t we always being mindful?’. Well, the actual definition of mindfulness is being conscious or aware of something. Again you might think ‘but we’re conscious when we’re awake and aware of our surroundings’ But are we? When you walk through a park there’s probably a lot of things that you miss. The flowers, the smells, the noises. You might be lost in your own thought, deep in conversation or focusing on where your heading next. Focusing your attention on all these little things and making yourself aware of every aspect of your surroundings is what we call being ‘mindful’. It gives us time to free our mind from stress or worries that we ruminate again and again, by thinking about our senses rather than our emotions. When you eat your lunch, take a minute to look at your food, smell your food and taste your food with each mouthful. When you have a shower, stop overthinking and instead focus on the feeling of the warm water on your skin and the comfort of the heat. Being truly aware of what your senses are sensing heightens every smell, taste or feeling. We forget to really appreciate the little things but when we do it can be a form of meditation, it helps us to distress and forget some of our daily worries. To help you be more mindful you can download a free app on your phone to encourage mindfulness everyday. My three top recommendations are ‘Mindfulness App: Meditation for Everyone’, ‘headspace’ and ‘calm’.

🐝 happy!!


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