Acknowledging your emotions

As well as being mindful about our senses and how our body is feeling I think it is still important to keep in touch with your emotions and be mindful about how we feel psychologically as well as physically. If we feel happy we should focus on these emotions and be mindful about that pleasant feeling. This means truly acknowledging the happy feeling, which usually involves expressing it in some way, telling friends or writing in a diary. Expressing the feeling allows us to confirm it and appreciate it more than if we carry on our life as we would until a negative feeling comes along. It makes sense. Why else has blogging become so popular? It allows people to right down their thoughts and opinions, being mindful of how they each day has made them feel and they also tend to focus on the positives, because lets be honest who wants to read about someone who has had a terrible, miserable day. Even vlogging (video blogs) has become so popular. Even though a lot of vloggers that upload to youtube get paid a lot of money for each view they get, they must have started off somewhere. Many of them were doing it for years before they got acknowledged, became famous and are now paid to film their everyday lives. This indicates that it’s not money driving them to vlog, they get enjoyment out of it. It allows them to acknowledge and take in everything they’re doing during the day. They often stop before they eat their food to vlog it, and then mention how tasty it looks and how good it smells. They’re being mindful all day and also expressing their feelings to the camera. Blogging and vlogging is a way of keeping a diary without it feeling like a chore. We often don’t fill in diaries because it seems pointless, we don’t have time and we feel silly talking to a book. Where as blogging or vlogging gives these people a reason to do it, although they’re not talking specifically to anyone, they feel that people will watch them or read their blogs and so it doesn’t seem so pointless. Obviously the money is an incentive to keep it up too…

🐝 happy!! 


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