The happiness planner

So, carrying on from my post yesterday about being mindful about our emotions I thought I’d link in my favourite diary/ planner. The happiness planer. This planner is a diary that gives you guidance on what you should be writing. When we write in an empty diary it often feels like a chore so we often give up (anyone else have about 100 diaries all with the first few pages filled in?). We just don’t know what to write. The happiness planner has sentence starters such as ‘what I want to achieve’ and ‘what did I learn’ which gives you a guide to what we should reflect on. Answering questions and filling in sentences is much easier than writing from the top of your head. Not only does it guide you on what to write but it also encourages happy thoughts, positivity and gratitude (which my next blog post will be on). The planner is also filled with motivational quotes which help to inspire you everyday. I will put the link for the planner below! – If the diary is a little out of your price range try making your own by using the tables and questions shown on the website. It will just give you guidance on what you can reflect on each day and will encourage you to be positive and achieve your goals. You can also print out pages from the planner using the link ‘printable’ on their site, for example, their ‘change a habit in 30 days’ encourages you to reach a goal and quit an unhealthy habit in a month.

There is even an app you can download on your phone now called The Happiness Planner which is completely free and well worth the download!

🐝 happy!!

The Happiness Planner (Jan-Dec)



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